Storage Solution for Medical Equipment

In recent years, with the rapid development of medical technology & advancement of medical equipment, equipment storage has become more stringent. These high-tech medical equipment are designed with various sensitive electronic components that require control ambience storage environment conforming to International standards. If temperature fluctuates between too high and too low storage condition, the equipment performance & operations will be greatly affected.

Maintaining the correct temperature and humidity is the key fundamental of Medical Equipment storage. "JinTie"logistic firm is a professional Medical Equipment storage provider. They practice stringent control condition for the entire storage process by controlling the temperature at between 15°C - 25°C and relative humidity to be kept between 40%RH – 60%RH. The fluctuation range of temperature and humidity daily throughout day and night is required to be maintain at ± 5 ℃ temperature and ± 5% relative humidity.

"JinTie"logistics center located in Shanghai. The climate in Shanghai is humid. The annual 4 seasons temperature differences are clearly defined. 39 ℃ in summer and winter can reach - 2 ℃. In order to meet the climatic characteristics, Eden refrigeration provides a complete solution including unit cooler, condenser and refrigeration unit for "Jintie"logistics center project. These solutions are different from the traditional low-temperature storage solutions. By offering multi temperature functions with heating conversion mode. To provides comprehensive control and monitoring, hundreds of sensing points are installed with real time monitoring.

When the room temperature fluctuates between under 15’C or higher than 25’C, the unit cooler will automatically switch to cooling or heating mode for maintaining the requirement temperature and humidity zone.

In general, with greater investment and advancement in the heat exchange technology, Eden Refrigeration has rich experience in providing solutions to many different industry and applications.

Eden refrigeration will continue to share successful solutions in different industries and applications with customers.