Eden offering a safe refrigerating solution for Bio-Medicine Industry

Under the New China policy of "Unified Evaluation" and "Two vote system", China pays more stringent attention to the standardization of refrigeration for pharmaceuticals (Standards of Specification for Pharmaceuticals Cold Chain Logistic) With additional National standards for strengthening the supervision and promote the development of China pharmaceutical cold chain.

With rich experiences in refrigeration technologies, Eden refrigeration can provide the most suitable refrigeration solution for Biomedical industries.

Stable Condition , Constant Temperature

Eden biomedical refrigeration solution fully integrates evaporators, condensing units and other equipment that are highly reliable with great performance.  This support biomedical R & D laboratories, production lines and other areas ( test chamber etc..) to maintain excellent temperature control.

Eden Unique circuits and system are design for ensuring the optimum operation of the refrigeration system effectively that prolong the next defrosting cycle. This reduce the defrosting time and maintaining the temperature fluctuation in the storagewarehouse

Eden Bio-pharmaceutical refrigeration solution can prolong consistent temperature stability. The new version of GSP (quality management standard for drug operation) stated clear requirement and specification for the drugs storage temperature and monitoring standards. Individual drugs storage room less than 300sqm, should be equipped with at least 2 temperature sensor points evenly placed. Storage room bigger then 300sqm, with every 300sqm additional 1 sensor should be added and evenly placed.

According to the GSP monitoring standard, Eden Refrigeration pharmaceutical cold storage solution has succeeded in many challenges. Medium Temp Application: Room temperature at 2’C to 8’C.  temperature difference are maintain at +/- 0.5’C for each monitoring point. Low Temp Application: Room temperature at -25’C.  Temperature difference are maintained at +/- 0.5’C for each monitoring point. With stable & consistent temperature, this provides better, safer and secured product storage for the pharmaceutical industry.

Drugs and equipment safe storage for pharmaceutical industry is always important for Eden refrigeration.  Eden biomedical refrigeration solution can better meet the diagnostic reagent industry with stringent requirement.