Eden Refrigeration

Eden is a brand held by a public listed company in Singapore – Far East Group Limited.  Eden develops high quality heat exchange products that are widely accepted by customers all over the world.

Since its inception, Eden has begun on a "Green Program" a part of our mission objective to continuously adapt new and green technologies to aide our customers to meet their local environmental standards or requirements.

Eden strives to develop high-efficiency products that are not only energy efficient, but also is environmentally friendly to produce with a lower carbon footprint whilst being more environmentally ‘green’ to operate; thus the our embarkment on the ‘Green Program’ to make an impact to the world’s environment where it matters most.

Eden had conceptualized with the philosophy of creating compact and energy efficient heat exchangers that are designed and build for many.applications in the cold chain industry. While gaining much valued experiences during our supplies to the cold chain industry over the years,it had allowed us to develop an extensive range of refrigerating products and services to meet all of our customers needs more then expected.

  1. Research Development & Innovation

    Many of the leading technologies developed by Eden have strengthened and enhanced the core competencies required for fin & tube heat exchange products, HVAC&R solutions and services.

  2. Quality Control System

    Eden adheres strictly to "lean manufacturing" strategies and has established a stringent quality management system and standards for product R&D, design, raw material quality management and product quality control.

  3. Supply Chain Management

    Eden embarks on joint collaborations with our global suppliers to test various products and materials used within our Eden products to create prototype designs.  This enables our R&D efforts to develop products that meet high technical specifications.

  4. Technical Support

    With the vast knowledge and experience in heat exchangers, Eden provides technical support to our customers with key mindset of being"comprehensive solution, energy saving"as our main benchmarks.